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Privacy Policy

- Purpose of collecting personal information;
Scope of using information;
- Time information storage;
- Share personal information;
- Management of personal information;
- Modify personal information;


1. Personal information

- During the process of Customer making an order, MyLeague may require personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc.

- The customer shall ensure that the provided information is accurate and legal. MyLeague holds no responsibility relating to the legality of such information.

- Such information shall be used to process the orders, provide news, information about the Product, and other information if requested by Customer. Besides, such information shall be used to help to manage users' accounts; verify and process online transactions; improve and adjust the layout and content of the website to serve its users better.

- You will receive information about us, products, news... If you do not want to receive this information, please click on the opt-out link in any email we send you. Within 7 days of receiving your instructions, we will stop sending information

2. Store and share personal information securely

- Myleague commits that we are the sole body with the right to collect and use your information according to this "Privacy Policy". We shall do our best with all possible measures to protect your information from unauthorized access or accidental disclosure. 

- Upon request by law or authority, we shall need to provide your personal information accordingly. 

3. Commitments

- We commit that we do not intentionally collect your personal information without your consent to provide those information. 

- By providing us your information, you acknowledge and grant us the permission to use such information. 

4. Change of personal information and privacy policy

- Your personal information shall be recorded indefinitely by Myleague, but you can at anytime modify your information.

- This "Privacy Policy" might be adjusted at our own will or based on our users' feedbacks. Whenever this policy is updated, we will clearly notify the "last update" time. 

5. Contact information

- If you have any question, contribution or feedback about this "Privacy Policly", please contact us by email: [email protected]

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